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  • Put a bottle of Coyote Gold in the freezer (it doesn’t matter if it has been opened or not).  Allow to freeze overnight.  It won’t freeze qite all the way to a solid, but more of a hard slush.
  • When you want to have a frozen margarita, get the bottle out of the freezer, pop the white splash guard from the top with your fingernail or knife edge, squeeze the slushy, frozen Coyote Gold into your blender, add an equal amount of ice CUBES (adjust to your taste) and blend to your desired consistency.  It makes an excellent  frozen margarita and it is so easy and convenient.  Three things to consider:
    • If the Coyote Gold doesn’t squeeze out of the bottle right away just let the bottle sit around for a few minutes and it should soften enough to squeeze out;
    • If you use CRUSHED icer, use ¾ part crushed ice to 1 part frozen Coyote Gold (adjust to desired taste);
    • Add fresh or frozen fruit or fruit syrups to create your favorite flavor; for a super easy Strawberry Margarita, just add about 1 tbsp of Torani’s Strawberry Syrup per 1 cup of the frozen Coyote Gold Margaritas