Frozen Margarita Pouch


Only 99 Calories Per Tube!

The Coyote Gold® Frozen Margarita is 100mL of fun packaged in a tube that you simply toss in the freezer for a few hours.  When frozen, cut off the top and enjoy right out of the tube: No need to dirty a glass!

Coyote Gold Frozen Margaritas are made with the same authentic ingredients as our other products.

  • Premium Tequila distilled from the Blue Weber Agave
  • Orange Liqueur that we handcraft at Coyote Gold.
  • Pure Fruit Juice NOT artificial flavors
  • Rocky Mountain Water derived from the champagne powder snow that falls in the nearby Rocky Mountains

At 17 proof (8.5% alcohol by volume), the Coyote Gold Frozen Margarita is the perfect frozen margarita with a kick.

The Coyote Gold Frozen Margarita can be purchased by the individual 100mL tube or by the case (24 tubes per case).

Just Freeze. Squeeze. Enjoy!®