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In addition to our pursuit to find the perfect margarita, we challenged ourselves to find the best ways to make frozen margaritas.  First, Coyote Gold makes an awesome frozen margarita.  Secondly, the “best” way to make a frozen margarita depends upon the situation.

  • For example, you just want a frozen margarita for yourself after a tough day of work:  see the “EASIEST FROZEN MARGARITA” recipe below.
  • Or, you are hosting a party and you want to serve frozen margaritas but want to enjoy mingling with your friends.  You don’t want the hassle of having to make frozen margaritas one at a time or a pitcher at a time.  We recommend using the “PARTY STYLE or YOUR STASH OF GOLD” recipe below.  It is very easy and convenient.
  • If you own a bar or restaurant and have a frozen margarita machine or fortunate enough to have one at home, then use the “FROZEN MACHINE” recipe below.

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